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Little White Church of Nowhere by TheLDAF
Little White Church of Nowhere
My first fully textured scene in 3D! Moving forward, I've been thinking about what I want as a style in any future models I make, and at this point, I'm interested in marrying simple, low poly work with the more fancy, "oohs and aahs" of more advanced work. This definitely leans towards the former in terms of modeling, but in terms of texturing, I want to work in something on the painterly side, and lighting, a blend between cel shading and the more realistic rendering that Mental Ray is capable of. I've definitely got a lot of practice ahead of me, but in terms of having a starting point, I feel like this is a decent one!
Arctic Movement by TheLDAF
Arctic Movement

"This failure of the great north 
is incomprehensible 
the stranger followed me home, 
and more than anything, it wants me to know 
that the incision is inevitable 

I've found the disgrace of a den, 
abandoning to forge stone, 
a burial in the arms 
of a half-razed bed of roots and wood nails, 
routine tragedy under a sheer concrete sky 

inspired by fever dreams, 
a degeneration's structure, 
the casting shame of our grief, 
reanimation for cannibalism's sake, 
they all contribute the heavy horoscope 

when the stranger had the nerve to steal winter from me 
bearing a distant death and a decade's destruction, 
I won't forget this war trying to be lit 
I'll make time for slate violence, 
using the ground's refusal 
for I am not desperate 

So I'll take the wheel and pull my own teeth from my head, 
even though ruthlessness has no place being proven 
I will not stand the crucifixion of hope 
in the state I hold closest 
the push back is worth the grind, 
anarchy against fortune 

I'll be damned before I take the miracles of June 
as miracles already having been spent 
from the hall of these reptilian ruins, 
a precise fountainhead is built 
a way to move on from this, 
restoration of the frost"

Paired illustration and poem created for a psychology project. In a nutshell, I chose to analyze a few dreams I had from the past few weeks and months, take some of the more interesting themes and imagery, and make a creative product from them. Part of the project was to analyze said dreams, and found that I'm starting to associate winter with loss (I've had two major, personal losses in December of 2013 and 2014). What makes this particularly depressing is how winter was my favorite season, and I feel like that's being stolen from me.

I literally wrote pages on the combined imagery of the poem and illustration, so I'm not going to go slapping that on here, but the general theme is a fear of loss in the winter.

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Luis D.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My main site for uploading work is Newgrounds, but I'm using DA as an avenue for some of my work too. I went by LDAF on here before, but purged my account in early 2015 for a fresh start here.

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